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• Hotels.

• Hospitals.

• Cultural centres and museums.

• Sports complexes.

• Office buildings.

• Retail space.

• Schools.

• One-of-a-kind buildings.

We have our own in house engineering department that works on our projects in close collaboration with some of the country’s top engineering and architectural firms.

We offer technical decorative lighting studies. Customised plans for our clients in different areas including architecture and interior design, museums, exhibit halls, educational and athletic facilities, working with all of the technologies available on the market: LED, cold cathode, induction or conventional lighting.

We have our own shop for manufacturing the following types of cabinets:

• Distribution: up to 6,300 A and 150 kA.

• Activators: variators and starters made by the leading manufacturers (SIEMENS, ABB, TEE, ROCKWELL, ALLEN BRADLEY, etc…).

• Automatons: working with the leading manufacturers for industrial PLCs for process automation (SIEMENS, OMRON, TEE, BECKHOFF, ALLEN BRADLEY, etc…).

• Protection and control: working with the leading manufacturers of multifunction relays for the protection of equipment, engines, generators and transformers (GEE, SIEMENS, ABB, ZIV, etc…).

We provide a complete set of documentation in CADDY / EPLAN and AUTOCAD format for each project.

We have test benches to simulate the actual operation of our installations in a LabView environment.


Preventive and corrective maintenance of generators, UPS and other critical equipment are handled by the Technical Assistance Service (TAS).

Personalised low and medium voltage contracts are available.

We offer round-the-clock repair service.

We offer the most advanced monitoring and remote control equipment available.

We offer all kinds of high and low voltage electrical installations.

• In keeping with the concept of full service installations, we have the ability to design and install a variety of special systems in buildings that may include such things as: voice/data networks, public address systems, intercoms, intercommunications, close circuit television (CCTV), television, intruder and access control.

• Low voltage installations including primary and secondary lines, power and light points, mechanisms, domotics. All of our installations comply with low voltage regulations, telecommunication infrastructure regulations and building codes.

• Building Management Systems: data collection and monitoring using SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems which allows us to integrate systems in order to achieve maximum energy efficiency while reducing the cost of operating and maintaining our installations.

• Transformation centres for companies and subscribers.

• Customised installations.

• Capacitor banks.

• Underground high and low voltage power lines.

• Earthing systems. Lightning rods.

For more than ten years we have had an energy consulting department called Ecoconsulting which is dedicated to energy efficiency and savings. To be more competitive requires efficient energy management that reduces costs. We offer the following services:

• Electricity audit: technical and energy diagnosis of the facilities.

High and low voltage electrical audits.

Energy saving studies: lighting, HVAC.

Support for obtaining grants.

Energy certifications (LEED).

• Utility contract management: utility management, contracts, overall energy ratio.

Personalised advice for choosing an electricity provider.

Study and analysis of electric bills.

Optimisation and reduction of electricity costs: demand charge, unit cost, power factor, penalties.

Strategies for purchasing electricity in the free market: fixed tariff, OMEL and OMIP indexed and combinations.

Claims processing with different sales and distribution companies.

• Variable measurement remote control and efficiency indicator.

Usage monitoring and management systems.

Remote metering systems.

• Demand management: by acting on loads, reactive energy compensation and harmonic filtering.

Usage management, circuit activation/deactivation.

Usage trends.


• Improved productivity: production and maintenance costs.

Energy Management Systems (EMS).

Customised invoices.

We are members of the Basque Energy Cluster and the Donostia Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Cluster.

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